Sprouting Spirit

I was the Creative Director and Story Lead for my senior project team’s animation short, Sprouting Spirit. I was responsible for all storyboards and camera direction. I was also responsible for some of the prop modeling, layout, animation, and editing.

Synopsis: A young girl named Maple reminisces about the time she spent with her imaginary friend Cornelius. Through their magical adventures in imaginary worlds, she learns to overcome her fears.

Please swipe through gallery to see more story/concept work.

(*Psst! I also do a bit of scripting. You can check out my Photoshop storyboard scripts here.)

Below are some pre-production concept art and sketches I made for this project.

Our shots were broken down into 7 sequences. Below is a shot breakdown.

Aspire Reflection

As part of Drexel’s Aspire Scholars Program, I was tasked to reflect on my sophomore year.


Previsualization class assignment, Fall 2021. Responsible for narrative, storyboard, and animatic. (Characters referenced from free rigs on rustyanimator.com).


Previsualization final project. Responsible for narrative, storyboard, layout/animation of first 6 shots, and editing. Characters referenced from free rigs on rustyanimator.com, assets gathered for free from Turbo Squid. In collaboration with Sarah Foisy and Marlena Dougherty.

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